ADULT ENGLISH LEARNERS are a six-level courses, ELEMENTARY, PRE-INTERMEDIATE, INTERMEDIATE, UPPER-INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED & POST-ADVANCED. The courses consist of teaching English with native teachers, following set material and syllabus through a communicative approach and linguistic progression, learning the language by speaking and listening in classes of a reduced number of students, grouped according to linguistic ability. The courses prepare students for the university of Cambridge examinations.


· PRE-INTERMEDIATE: Key English Test (KET)
· INTERMEDIATE: Preliminary English Test (PET)
· UPPER-INTERMEDIATE: First Certificate in English (FCE)
· ADVANCED: Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
· POST-ADVANCED: Certificate in Proficiency in English (CPE)






BEC (Business English Certificate) is a three-level business English course specially designed for students who want to use English for international Business. The certificates are recognised by many employers and educational institutions wold-wide.


BEC is an ideal English language course if you are preparing for a career in business or have interest in the world of work, business or international commerce.